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Nurturing Movers and Shapers of Our Future Through Our Unique World Class Integrated Program.

The Hungry Caterpillar is a comprehensive pre school that provides space for learning and child care services from 8 am - 7 pm for ages 1 through 6.

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Our Curriculum

The learning experience here is strongly directed by the British Early Years Foundation Stage and follows the national early education standards.


Literacy refers to language, reading and writing in English. We use Jolly Phonics, which is easily recognised as the most effective way to teach English to young learners. It is also integral to education in the UK over the past two decades, and used in over 100 countries. Students will be able to learn phonics, spelling, grammar and punctuation through a multi-sensory approach.


Numeracy refers to learning of basic mathematical concepts and skills. We refer to Singapore Maths to introduce students Singapore’s three-step approach: concrete, pictorial, abstract. Students will cover topics with greater depth, gaining a solid foundation for mathematics.

Physical Development

We provide play areas such as a soft play gym, outdoor play area and swimming pool for students to channel their active energy, and to foster their love for fitness and good health. Students can learn gross and fine motor skills in various fun ways through our American physical education curriculum. Our swimming lessons are available to all age groups of students and are taught in small groups by dedicated instructors from Leap & Swim.

Social Emotional Development

We understand that strong personal, social and emotional development plays a huge role in shaping a child’s future success. Thus, in our school, our staff has a strong understanding of child psychology to aid the development of each student’s unique character and personality.

Knowledge of the World

We engage students in lessons and activities where they learn basic knowledge on science and technology, and foster their natural curiosity about the natural world. There is a strong emphasis on understanding our natural environment, and the essential ways of taking care of our environment.

Creative Arts

To foster children’s creative development, we introduce students to different types of arts and let them express their creativity through interactive arts and crafts lessons. We also provide materials and equipment for children to learn about construction. Confidence can be instilled in students as they explore unique and original ideas of their own.


We provide Mandarin lessons to allow students to master basic Mandarin, preparing them for primary school and beyond. Our fun Mandarin lessons will also enable students to understand Chinese culture.



Students will be exposed to a stimulating environment in which they learn music, speech and drama, enhancing their verbal and non-verbal skills. We provide the award-winning Kindermusik syllabus for music lessons, while speech and drama lessons follow Australia’s International Music Examinations Board system.

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